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Strawberry Full Moon in June! Summer Solstice June 21st. Really cool beautiful energy, make it work for you!

The Strawberry Moon, is on June 21st.

This moon holds spiritual significance as a time of abundance, fertility, and harvest.

The peak of the summer season, A reminder that nature and humanity are interconnected.

Think of how good you feel outside and how nature makes you feel alive. When we feel alive we feel do better, we help people, we are kinder and full of love.

(Love, abundance and prosperity are gifts you receive at this time)

This June can be a storm of passion, as summer begins to brighten your personal life... if you choose to embrace it, it should be unforgettable.

The Sun is in Gemini - Expect sharp mood changes - sooooooooo be cautious of them.

Meditation is helpful and can calm the energy it can help point you in the right direction


June can bring clarity, show you paths to new heights, and barriers will begin to disappear. Stalled projects get off the ground, and prosperity follows. The only trick is YOU MUST be ready to do the work!


The beginning of June should be pleasant and stable, if effort is put forth (put in the effort)

Routines can be the enemy sometimes - we know they serve a purpose in many ways but they can also block us from fun and moving forward - Fun! Fun! Shake it up.... give it twist.

The usual things can become exciting if we approach them different.

Music on while you clean the house... dance while you mop... Popsicles while you drive the kids... etc.

make normal routine and chores have life. If you must keep your routine, instead of going to the same coffee shop try a new one. Different grocery store. etc.

During this time.. it is good to direct your talents for good and be cautious of the company you keep, even though we crave to be social now.


Be cautious on the health front. June can lead to fatigue, make sure you are caring for your body and its immune system. June is sometimes overwhelming and can weaken our body’s defenses...

Preventative measures aimed to improve health are huge right now. (alcohol, food etc.)

Mercury is in Gemini right now.. so sometimes it is simply just wearing some new clothes that make you feel happy.

dress happy to lighten your mood.


End of June will be calm.. Profit modest, skip unnecessary expenses to stay afloat

try enjoying life - free cation,

Because June is a time for love and understanding, material problems should be of little concern to the soul.

Mars is in Taurus.. so this should not be a problem. even impulsive fire signs should think practically

General - in all areas of your life.

instead of looking to place blame, you can direct the energy to benefit you and those around you...

Goodness multiplies.

Fire: Arie Leo Sagittarius

Water: Cancer Scorpio Pisces

Earth: Taurus Virgo Capricorn

Air: Gemini Libra Aquarius

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