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Healing Sessions

Holy Fire Reiki with Crystals

The Usui System of Reiki

Reiki is a non intrusive and subtle treatment where universal life force energy is transferred to the recipient, this energy is used by the body to heal itself and replenish energy stores. The recipient will experience deep relaxation

and peaceful well being.

$60 for 30 minutes

Bio-field Energetic Tuning with Crystals

Sound Balancing, using tuning forks to clear trauma stored in the human energy field. Music is one of the most powerful tools for vibrational healing and personal transformation.

$60 for 30 Minutes


Bio-field Energetic Tuning Stress Reboot

This Healing Session works on your adrenal gland where the body holds stress.  15 minutes with the
Tuning forks and a few Crystals is all you need for an empowering rejuvenation!

$30.00 (15 minutes) 


Bio-field Energy Balancing

We often become out of balance from negative influence/energy that we encounter in our daily lives.
(Co-workers, Friends, etc.)

This Healing sessions using Tuning Forks to
align the body in its energy field.
Centering and Balancing, a Great way to start
the week or a new beginning.

$30 for (15 minutes)

Stress Reboot &
Balancing Combo

$60 (30 minutes)

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