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Experience The Red Dragon Flame© Healing.
The Sacred energy of the Red Dragon Flame is channeled, ignited and divinely distributed to the physical and emotional body. Healing is personal, peaceful and safe. The Red Dragon Flame directs itself only where it is needed and maintains balance for each client throughout their session. Some clients may feel heat, warmth or simply calm. The Red Dragon Flame knows what is needed in each session. Messages may come through to the client or the facilitator if you are open to receiving them. Set your intention before the session.  
The Red Dragon Flame's healing energy intensely runs through the earth, connects to the spiritual plane and balances the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine without hesitation. This may leave you feeling a sense of release, letting go of the past and old habits. You may also feel self empowered, renewed faith and a calling to move foward.... no longer stuck. It truly feels Magical. 
1/2 hour and Full hour sessions available

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